7 statistics that prove why social media marketing is important for kickstarting your business realm

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7 statistics that prove why social media marketing is important for kickstarting your business realm

Ever wanted your brand to be an innate part of everyone’s conversation?

Well, consider your genie- ‘Social Media Marketing’ to pave the red carpet road to fame for your business.

In this wide online market space, if you have the weapon – social media marketing strategies, you can turn the tables for your brand as we speak. Whether you have just begun your business venture, or have spent years trying to be seen or heard, understanding the power of social media marketing can step up your business game. Nothing better than popping in your audience’s conversations because they are able to connect with your brand and looking forward to being a part of it. All this is only possible when you execute the right strategies.

We are throwing light on 7 social media statistics that’ll show you how your audience is responding to social media today and how you can start your digital transformation to successfully win them over.

3.78 billion social media users worldwide will prove to you the power of social media marketing

  • Social media is young, bright, exciting, energetic, futuristic, and all things nice. Your audience is waiting for you like an auditorium full of 3.78 billion people

The stage is yours to set the fire!

The average time spent on social media is 2 hours and 25 minutes per day

  • Your audience is doing more than just scrolling down on social media. They are exploring the brands available for them. Knowing the right strategies, your social media team can help you utilize your position on the platforms efficiently. This can undoubtedly enhance your presence while making your brand irresistible and even more memorable. 

71 % of customers recommend their favorite products or services on social media to their networks

  • Your audiences love to share their best and worst experiences. The value your business provides to an individual should be effectively portrayed on the web too, for directing their decisions in a favorable way.

Influencer recommendations are ruling the 49% of consumer choices

  • As a brand, collaborating with influencers who have worked for years in building strong connections with their audience, will benefit in numerous ways. Digital marketing can help extract the most out of it in an authentic way.

500 million daily, active Instagram stories worldwide

  • Trying to connect with your brand in this gigantic social media universe can get overwhelming for your audience. They are introduced to and amused by countless different brands at each passing hour. Social media experts can help you analyze the platform, and build such deep connections that will mark your place in numerous stories each day.

Social media usage increased to 43% to discover new products in the last year.

  • If we’re drawing lessons from the time spent in lockdown, we can very evidently point out the drastic shift towards the online world. Some turned to the web for comfort, information, work, entertainment, or to socialize. If nothing else, this pandemic turned out to be a boon for businesses to present their A-game online.

55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media and explore them

  • If you launch your brand online right about today and keep cementing the foundation with effective strategies, continual engagement, a clear and precise brand tone, it will flourish in unimaginable ways.

Did the statistics do justice to the power of social media?

It’s just getting started!

Building a connection takes time. The sooner you invest in getting on a digital platform, we assure you that growth, connection, and sustenance in this online world will be a smooth but upward journey for your business.

Skip overthinking today and channelize the power of social media to bring massive success to your business and become the market leader in no time.

Explore our services and get started today!

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