Social Media Ads Budget: Make Every Penny Count

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Social Media Ads Budget: Make Every Penny Count

Like there’s a pill for every ill, there are social media ads that suit every budget. From a minimal amount to million-dollar campaigns, every goal can be catered to with good social media strategies.

But, what if your hard-earned money isn’t reaping good returns?

Social media advertising may just need a few clicks to start away, but micro-managing the everyday spend is just like keeping an eye on a toddler! Things can go haywire in a blink of an eye.

Here’s a list of game-changing tips to maximize the returns on your social media ads budget!

So look no further and take the leap. Literally!


1. Treat your ‘Social Media Ads’ as an investment and ‘expect’ a return!

Don’t let social media decide where your money goes!

Build a strong expectation aka right goals for your investment.

Your goals can be-

  • Cost per click, like, mile, view
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate (CVR)
  • Call-to-action clicks
  • X amount of Impressions
  • Engagement rate

Your investment here is the price you pay for converting more customers. Unless your motive is just to create brand awareness, kickstart having a specific goal to make the most of your budget.

Low engagement and low impressions can be reversed with ‘Social Media Ads’. If you identify your end goal as more impressions (no. of times your content gets displayed), then your Ad may have the potential to form new target audiences. But if you want your audience to engage with your content, then the call-to-action should pop well from your message.

While both generate value for your business, identifying the purpose helps you focus on specific results.

2. Leverage every channel correctly for maximizing profits

Will you ever post TikTok-worthy content on LinkedIn? Then, imagine the absurd reactions if you advertise them to millions. It won’t be a pleasant sight.

Realizing that every platform is different lets you curate suitable content for every channel and resonate with the audience there deeply. Such a customized piece of content will get high traction and hence become an efficient spend.

3. Set Daily limit. Scan Progress. Spend effectively

In our infinite galaxy, one thing remains finite- your Ads budget!

It’s a healthy practice to keep track of your daily spending. If you haven’t set any limit, then you’re automatically permitting the channel to manage the budget for you. Since your budget has a stop limit, make sure you pay close attention to how your funds are doing at every stop. Alter the amount, or adjust the reach if necessary, and allow your budget to exceed your expectations.

Whatever your budget, monitor your metrics regularly.

4. Freeze good candidates (posts) for your Social Media Ads

You have the budget and several posts ready for advertising.

Want to predict which posts will be the best for your social media strategy?

Your current posts across all channels are already dropping hints- Analytics. Identify which posts are high-performing and use them for Ads. This will be your advanced level of trial and testing instead of starting from rock bottom.

5. Make 3.15 billion people stop and look at your Ad

With 3.15 billion active users accessing social media through a smartphone, are you optimizing your ads for this pocket-sized device?

Ensure your content pieces for Ads are informative, quirky, engaging, inspiring, and apt for smartphone dimensions. With an average attention span of 12 seconds, aim for delivering your message across uniquely in the least time possible.

6. Amplify your Ads reach with A/B testing

Having a shop assistant to help you pick between 2 things feels like a blessing. It saves you from the trouble of regretting the wrong buy.

Similarly, A/B testing can help you opt for the right posts by testing each one’s potential against the other. This is a tremendous help for cutting down some extra costs while advertising and curating the best social media strategy.

Understand the purpose of each social media platform and leverage them for higher traction. Get a detailed overview of the analytics for each platform here-

Your business needs to run smoothly online and what better than a bunch of social media professionals who’ll make your vision theirs. They understand the ins and outs of the digital world and are armed with bomb social media strategies. Let’s get in touch and make your social media growth a cakewalk.

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